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Indoctrination Station, Heart of the Syndicate States of New Ephebe.

The year is 213AE (After Exodus).

Why did we leave? Why did we not stay and fight? Those are the questions that many cried when we left the Ephebe Cluster and made are way to our new home two hundred and thirteen years ago. Our decision to leave was vindicated as we are the last human civilization to stand firm against the horror that has spread across the Milky Way galaxy, our preparations for the inevitable battle for survival was tested and we won. But the war is far from over. What is this darkness and the horror that has spread itself across the galaxy? They are known as the Baalites; otherwise known as, the Servants of Baal; and conveniently also known as, the SOB’s. We stand against an enemy that seems to have no boundary and a single purpose; we are a single beacon of hope among this plague of darkness.

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